Prague is the capital of Czech Republic.  The city is composed of an integrated public transportation system making it easier for its residents and visitors to travel conveniently around the city.  Public means of transport include buses, trams, and metros.  Other travelers also find it more convenient to use the suburban buses that move into and out of the city.


The buses have numbers with specific numbers operating at given times.  During the day, bus lines 100 to 291 move around the city making stops as scheduled on the boards. The bus lines 501 to 513 move around the city from midnight to the wee hours of the morning around 4.30 Am. There are buses which are marked “M” which indicate that you can alight the buses and board a metro. The coaches have schedules posted on their websites and click on the site shows the plans.


The bus intervals vary from 2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on some factors such as the location, whether its peak hours or off-peak hours, and whether it is a weekday or a weekend. When there are many travelers, the intervals will be shorter as compared to when there are few travelers. The travelers are usually many during peak hours and weekdays as the rush to their respective workplaces. The buses provide tickets to passengers at a fee, and one is required to have one before allowing entering the bus. The tickets can be bought at the automatic machines or in the many tobacco stores around the city. Uniformed officers authenticate the validity of the tickets once in the bus.


The bus to board from the airport is the bus line 119 which heads to the metro station.The journey takes about 15 minutes.Once at the metro station transfer to another bus called Green line. Bus 100 goes to the Yellow line which is the western suburban area. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Airport Express bus takes passengers to the Redline which is the main train terminus, taking about 33 minutes.  Passengers traveling from the airport at night hours between 11.47 AM and 03.57 PM are board bus number 510 which goes to New Town From the city center one takes tram number 51. Passengers are going to main terminus alight at a stop called I.P Pavlova and board bus number504. Prague trams access areas inaccessible to the buses .they operate on a 24-hour basis within Prague city.


The trams just like the buses have a number line.When a tram stops at a stop marked “M” it indicates the passengers could alight and enter a metro. Trams also have intervals ranging from 2 to 20 minutes depending on factors similar to those affecting the buses. The tickets used are the same as those one used in the bus transportation, and the procedure of acquiring the tickets and the validation is the same as that done with the Prague buses.


There are three categories of metro lines with each line having its color. Metros operate from 5.00 PM to midnight and have time intervals of two to three minutes during peak hours and four to nine minutes during the off-peak hours. There are three metro stations and moving from one station to another takes three minutes. The tickets for travel are acquired similarly as those for buses and trams.