Government Structure of Prague

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If you are going to travel to Prague, Czech Republic, it may not be a bad idea to understand how the government is structured.  The government is comprised of the President, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, and other ministers. The Prague government has got exclusive legislative initiative when it comes to the state budget. Moreover, there are governors of the different Czech regions as well as mayors of the towns and cities in the country.

The President
The President who can hold his office for five years is elected by both the chambers of the Parliament. He happens to be the Supreme Commander of the military. However, there are certain restrictions in the Presidential power, and the most significant one happens to be the power to veto any bill that has been passed by the Parliament (excepting the constitutional bills).
The Parliament
There are 2 chambers in the Parliament, namely, the Chamber of Deputies as well as the Senate. All the bills which are valid within the boundaries of the country will be passed by the Parliament who will also express approval of significant global treaties including political treaties, those about human rights, plus general economic treaties.
Chamber of Deputies
This particular chamber consists of two hundred deputies who are elected for a period of 4 years. The President has the right to dissolve this chamber if needed as well.
The Senate
There are eighty-one senators in the Senate who can hold their office for as much as 6 years. However, one-third of the seats in the Senate are available for re-election at the interval of every couple of years. Moreover, it is not possible to dissolve the Senate.
Parliamentary Activity
A clear majority of the present senators or deputies will pass a resolution made by the parliamentary chamber. However, 60% majority is required in case of passing an international treaty or a constitutional bill.
In general, a secret ballot is used for conducting elections to the Senate and the Chamber of the Deputies. This Chamber is going to be elected as per the proportional representation. It is vital for the political parties to obtain at least 5% of the popular votes so as to win seats in the chamber.
All Czech citizens who are more than 18 years of age possess the right to vote. On the other hand, the candidates for the Chamber of Deputies have to be more than 21 years old while those in the Senate ought to attain the age of 40 years.
Municipal elections are held at an interval of 4 years since 1990, whereas the regional elections are conducted every 4 years starting from 2000. Moreover, all these elections take place during autumn. Voting is usually held for two days in the Czech Republic – from Friday afternoon up to Saturday afternoon.
There is a multi-party system in the Czech government. Among the main political parties, the most dominant ones happen to be the Civic Democratic Party, the Czech Pirate Party, the Communist Party, the Freedom and Direct Democracy and the Social Democratic Party.
Participation of women in the political scene of the Czech Republic has been quite low for the last two decades. While there are not more than 30% female members in the major political parties, a few can even boast of more than 50%. Thus it is evident that the parties have not prohibited the entry of women in the political scenario of the Prague government although the percentage varies from one party to another.


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Public Transportation in Prague

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Prague is the capital of Czech Republic.  The city is composed of an integrated public transportation system making it easier for its residents and visitors to travel conveniently around the city.  Public means of transport include buses, trams, and metros.  Other travelers also find it more convenient to use the suburban buses that move into and out of the city.


The buses have numbers with specific numbers operating at given times.  During the day, bus lines 100 to 291 move around the city making stops as scheduled on the boards. The bus lines 501 to 513 move around the city from midnight to the wee hours of the morning around 4.30 Am. There are buses which are marked “M” which indicate that you can alight the buses and board a metro. The coaches have schedules posted on their websites and click on the site shows the plans.


The bus intervals vary from 2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on some factors such as the location, whether its peak hours or off-peak hours, and whether it is a weekday or a weekend. When there are many travelers, the intervals will be shorter as compared to when there are few travelers. The travelers are usually many during peak hours and weekdays as the rush to their respective workplaces. The buses provide tickets to passengers at a fee, and one is required to have one before allowing entering the bus. The tickets can be bought at the automatic machines or in the many tobacco stores around the city. Uniformed officers authenticate the validity of the tickets once in the bus.


The bus to board from the airport is the bus line 119 which heads to the metro station.The journey takes about 15 minutes.Once at the metro station transfer to another bus called Green line. Bus 100 goes to the Yellow line which is the western suburban area. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Airport Express bus takes passengers to the Redline which is the main train terminus, taking about 33 minutes.  Passengers traveling from the airport at night hours between 11.47 AM and 03.57 PM are board bus number 510 which goes to New Town From the city center one takes tram number 51. Passengers are going to main terminus alight at a stop called I.P Pavlova and board bus number504. Prague trams access areas inaccessible to the buses .they operate on a 24-hour basis within Prague city.


The trams just like the buses have a number line.When a tram stops at a stop marked “M” it indicates the passengers could alight and enter a metro. Trams also have intervals ranging from 2 to 20 minutes depending on factors similar to those affecting the buses. The tickets used are the same as those one used in the bus transportation, and the procedure of acquiring the tickets and the validation is the same as that done with the Prague buses.


There are three categories of metro lines with each line having its color. Metros operate from 5.00 PM to midnight and have time intervals of two to three minutes during peak hours and four to nine minutes during the off-peak hours. There are three metro stations and moving from one station to another takes three minutes. The tickets for travel are acquired similarly as those for buses and trams.

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Places to Visit In Prague

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Prague boasts a rich history and cultural diversity. It’s the largest city in the Czech Republic and one of the most visited European destinations. Here you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are more than enough places to visit and activities to fill your vacation itinerary. Besides picturesque architectural landmarks and an abundance of cultural events, you can also make time to enjoy some of the tasty beers for which Prague is famous. Nonetheless, here are a few places you definitely want to visit.

Old Town Square

Most travelers consider this to be the ideal place to start your journey in Prague. It’s quite a popular spot, with tourists and locals alike flocking in droves for the breathtaking architecture, vibrant history, and lively atmosphere. The square is home to some of the city’s most historic attractions, such as the Old Town Hall, an ideal spot to get a bird’s eye view of the city. Established in the 12th Century as the city’s original marketplace, the square has managed to maintain most of its original integrity and style. Sample different cuisines from some of the restaurants that spill out onto the square or enjoy a beer or gourmet coffee. The square lends amazing views of the wonderful architecture Prague has to offer and if that’s not your cup of tea, the various musicians, artists and street performers lining the streets will keep you entertained.

Charles Bridge

A simple walk through the Charles Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Europe, is an unmissable part of any trip to Prague. Set at the heart of the Czech capital, visitors come here to enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of visiting Prague. Soak up the aura, purchase a few souvenirs, and take pictures of the striking saint statues that give the bridge an extra dose of charm. The bridge connects the Old Town with Lesser Town and is filled with merchants, musicians, painters and tourists during the summer. It lies low to the river, somewhat seeming to rest upon it rather than rise over it. The Charles Bridge is wonderful during the day and a must-see at night.

Prague Castle

Doubling as both a popular tourist destination and the Czech president’s residence, this castle holds the record for the largest coherent castle in the world. With more than seven hundred rooms, the grounds feature a broad range of architectural styles that have gone through extensive renovations and restorations throughout history. The castle towers above the city and is more of a complex than a single building. The buildings span centuries and include the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, royal stables, magnificent gardens and the Golden Lane – where you can see how artisans worked and lived in their homes that have since been converted. As one of Prague’s premier attractions, the Prague Castle is quite expansive and there’s plenty to see so you might want to grab a drink or something to eat before going for sightseeing. The sheer beauty of the Prague Castle is magical.



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What to eat when visiting Prague

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If you are traveling a lot, then you will know that Prague is a fairytale town that is full of surprises; at least that’s what my friend at Rogers towing service tells me. If you never thought about visiting this place, you need to reconsider. There are many great things about this small town, but there are also some surprising foods that you should eat to get the full Prague experience. These foods might sound ordinary, but you will realize the difference when you tried it for the first time. These are some of the foods that you should eat when you are visiting Prague:

Trdelník, or chimney cakes

You might see many of the Trdelník stalls on the pavements. This is because this is one of the favorite and most delicious foods that you can purchase in Prague. You might not recognize the word Trdelník, but you might recognize the dish chimney cake.

And, even if you have eaten it before, you might find that this is just a whole lot more delicious in Prague. This is because of a secret recipe that they are using. You need to at least try one before you leave Prague. You will not regret it for one moment.

Svíčková with dumplings

If you are looking for a warm meal, or also known as a Sunday meal, then you should for sure try the Svíčková with dumplings. There are many restaurants in Prague that are making this dish really delicious, but if you want to have the best tasting one, you should ask locals where you can find the best tasting Svíčková with dumplings.

Those that are afraid to eat something that they don’t know about, then you might want to know that the Svíčková is just beef strips that are serviced with dumplings and a great tasting sauce. There is nothing strange to this meal.


Okay, you might say that you have to eat gingerbread before and that you are wondering why this is food that you should go to Prague for. However, the moment that you are eaten their gingerbread, you will realize that there is a huge difference in the gingerbread that is made in the larger cities, and the gingerbread that you can purchase in Prague.

This is something that you will want to eat, and enjoy when you are on holiday in Prague or traveling through Prague.

One of the reasons why so many people are traveling around the world, is to try different foods and experience different cultures. This is exactly why you should go to Prague. They might have some ordinary type of foods, but it just tastes a whole lot better than anything you will eat elsewhere. These foods are the top three foods that you need to eat and try when you are in Prague. Or, you haven’t experienced the whole culture of Prague.

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